Crystal Salt BBQ plate

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Our unrefined, Himalayan crystal salt BBQ plate is perfect for any meal, hot or cold. Create a dish guaranteed to complement your dishes. Perfect for when guests are over.

Length: 30.5 cm

Width: 20.5cm

Depth: 5cm

For more information and how to use your Himalayan Crystal Salt BBQ Plate please click here.



Our unrefined, Himalayan crystal salt BBQ is perfect for any meal, hot or cold. Create a dish guaranteed to complement your dishes. Perfect for when guests are over.

Length: 30cm – 12inches

Width: 20cm – 8inches

Depth: 4cm – 1/12 innches

Himalayan Crystal Salt BBQ and Serving plate

A particular extraordinary idea: a Salt Crystal Plate which can be pre-heated and used for gentle grilling, for keeping your food warm as well as for serving appetizers and finger food.

BBQ: Enjoy a culinary specialty by pre-heating the Salt BBQ Plate in the oven or on the BBQ for about 20 to 30 minutes at 250-300° C (482-572 F). Meat, fish, seafood or vegetables can be gently cooked with no fat – either inside the oven, on the BBQ or on the table.

When using the BBQ Plate on the table, please make sure to protect your table from heat.  The high-quality, 100% natural and mineral-rich salt from the Himalayan region is hereby absorbed by the grilled food in a gentle manner. A light salty crust will enhance your grilled dishes.

After heating the Salt BBQ Plate, it will stay hot enough to refine your meat for about 30 minutes. If required, of course, two or more salt plates can be heated and then be used by turns.

For cleaning the plate: Please use running warm water only – no detergent what so ever.  Allow the Salt BBQ Plate to air dry. Salt is antiseptic and guarantees a hygienic cleaning. The Salt BBQ Plate will last for a long time, since the actual abrasion while grilling is minimal.

A slight discoloration of the surface after use is due to the nature of the salt crystal.

Serving: The Salt BBQ Plate is also ideal for arranging and serving delicious food, such as appetizers, sushi or any other kind of finger food.

Hot plate: You can use the Salt BBQ Plate as a warming plate for bowls and pots to keep your cooked food warm for a long time. For this please pre-heat the Salt BBQ Plate in the oven as described above.


  • preheat HCS BBQ plate in the oven or on the BBQ at 250° – 300° C for 25 – 30 minutes
  • put your steak, chicken, fish, veggies onto the BBQ plat
  • cook as long as you desire
  • when your food is done turn oven/BBQ off, put the BBQ plate onto a cooling rack and leave until completely cooled
  • run the BBQ plate under warm (NOT hot) water for a short time and wipe it down with a kitchen cloth or soft brush if needed
  • put the BBQ plate back onto the cooling rack to let air dry
  • store the BBQ plate in a dry place
  • seeing a slight discoloration, a change in the surface structure or tiny cracks in the plate after use is due to the nature of the salt crystal
  • if used as a warming plate, please protect your table with a pad


  • Do not leave the BBQ plate outside to cool down
  • Do not leave the plate under running warm water for too long
  • Do not put the BBQ plate into the dishwasher
  • If you serve cold cuts please do not keep them on the plate for too long.  They may become too salty


  • put your HCS BBQ plate into the freezer for at least 24 hours
  • place thin sliced smoked salmon, melons, veggies etc. onto a stainless steel, ceramic or glass serving plate, which will absorb the cold from the salt plate
  • put the serving plate with the prepared food onto the cold HCS plate
  • it will keep your food cool for several hours

How to use your HCS BBQ plate

  •  Your HCS BBQ plate comes labeled as seen in picture

  • Please take some time to read the label and see our website for further instructions.
  • Please follow instructions for proper care and use.

A tip; before placing your BBQ plate into the oven, you may put an aluminium foil underneath to protect your oven from oil dripping

  • First, unpack your HCS BBQ plate, put it onto a COLD grill or into a COLD oven. NOT set into a pre-heated oven or onto a pre-heated BBQ.
  • DO NOT wash before using.
  • Next, heat BBQ or oven at 250-300° C (482-572 F), allowing the BBQ plate to slowly come to full heat for approx. 30 minutes.  NOTE; not recommended to go over 300° C.

Cold oven

  • Put the unseasoned chicken, steak, veggies, fish etc. onto the plate on the BBQ plate.

  • On the BBQ grill

  • Assemble your chicken, steak, veggies, fish etc. onto the BBQ plate without removing it from the oven.
  • Ensure that no food items over hang of the edge of the plate.

  • Turn it from time to time as you usually do in a roasting pan or on the BBQ.
  • Due to the nature of the salt crystal you will notice changes over time to the surface structure of the plate.
  • There is no need for concern about this, as the BBQ plate will continue to function as new.
  • This changes are due to this being a 100% natural product.

  • Once your delicious food is cooked, carefully remove from BBQ or oven, placing the BBQ plate onto a cooling rack or a heat proof board.
  • Transfer your food to a serving dish.
  • Let the BBQ plate cool completely (it can take hours), before cleaning.
  • Do not leave the HCS BBQ plate outside

How to clean your HCS BBQ plate

  • Hold the HCS BBQ plate under running warm (NOT hot) water for a short time and wipe it down with a kitchen cloth.

  • Use a soft brush if needed.
  • Let the HCS BBQ plate air dry over night.

We used two plates at the same time.  The left plate was already used for a few times and you can notice that the surface is “bumpier” then the one on the right hand side. The “bumpier” one shows also small cracks which really doesn’t affect the food or the HCS BBQ plate.

Bon appétit and enjoy your HCS BBQ plate!


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If you would like to know more about the Himalayan Crystal Salt & its health benefits, then ask for our 29 pdf file

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Weight 5.336 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 20.5 × 5 cm


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