Our Gift For You

It was my pleasure to present our products to you during the zoom presentation. As a small token of appreciation for your time, I would like to send you a gift package of 130g Lavender Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt and 130g Eucalyptus Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt.

Please complete the form and include your mailing address, so that I may send you your gift.

If you have any questions following my presentation or if you would like to learn more about the benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt please contact me at

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About Rose

Founder and CEO, Rose M. Walter, has always held education and information in high-esteem. When conducting research into the undervalued benefits and numerous uses of Himalayan crystal salt, Rose was led to a hilly area in the Punjab province of Pakistan; The Salt Range.

It is from here that we source all the salt that is used in our products.

Every product received from Pakistan is inspected by a laboratory in our supplier’s country, Germany, and reviewed by Heartfeltliving® staff in British Columbia to ensure the high-quality status of products is maintained and to eliminate any risk of contamination.  Our products do not undergo the same chemical processes of common table salt.