Heartfeltliving® History

Established in 2003, Heartfeltliving® has been providing high-quality Himalayan crystal salt to homes and businesses throughout Canada for over 15 years. Heartfeltliving® has crafted a variety of products ranging from Crystal Salt Lamps, to BBQ plates and Kosher certified edible salts, to deliver the most ethically sourced and cost-friendly Himalayan salt products available.  We are passionate about educating the public on the immense health benefits and various uses of unpolluted, unrefined, and mineral rich salt.

Himalayan crystal salt contains up to 84 minerals including, but not limited to, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, as well as trace elements and is often sought as a healthier alternative to the more commonly used bleached table salt.

Our Founder

Founder and CEO, Rose M. Walter, has always held education and information in high-esteem. When conducting research into the undervalued benefits and numerous uses of Himalayan crystal salt, Rose was led to a hilly area in the Punjab province of Pakistan; The Salt Range.

It is from here that we source all the salt that is used in our products.

Every product received from Pakistan is inspected by a laboratory in our supplier’s country, Germany, and reviewed by Heartfeltliving® staff in British Columbia to ensure the high-quality status of products is maintained and to eliminate any risk of contamination.  Our products do not undergo the same chemical processes of common table salt.

Our Warehouse

Our warehouse staff have exceptional working conditions. We take our staff’s heath and safety as seriously as yours. We ensure all regulatory requirements are met while producing salt in a pristine and sanitised condition ensuring our products are as high quality as can be.